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Introduce and sell your products to buyers across the world

How it Works

Looking for a bigger market to sell your goods? Spotisan provides the solution to reach global buyers, maximize exposure and improve margins.


Create Your Online Showroom

Validated Sellers on Spotisan only need to upload products once to a permanent, virtual showroom. The details you provide on your company, team and products help us put you in front of Buyers searching for products like yours. And with a Spotisan showroom, you can opt in to multiple virtual trade shows promoted to those Buyers - for FREE.


Never Miss a Trade Show

Can’t make it to a trade show? Get discovered by the same buyers on Spotisan, without the investment. Using our smart search, Spotisan buyers make informed decisions, using the details you’ve provided on your company, products, and fulfillment capabilities. Buyers connect with you 24/7 through our seamless messaging platform.